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Fair Board Correspondence

Thank you for your interest in submitting correspondence to our Board of Directors! Please read these directions to ensure that your correspondence is received correctly by the 14th District Agricultural Association for inclusion into our next Board meeting.

  1. We ask that all correspondence should maintain a respectful tone – you will be addressing the full Board of Directors, and your message will also grant you the ability to further comment on the topic of your correspondence at the next Board meeting, if you so choose. While criticisms, praise, or suggestions are always welcome, use of profanity or personal attacks will invalidate your submission.
  2. You may email your correspondence to , or you may physically mail a letter to 14th District Agricultural Association, ATTN: Correspondence, 2601 East Lake Avenue, Watsonville, CA, 95076.
  3. If emailing, you must include the word “Correspondence” in your email Title/Header. If you do not include the word, there is no guarantee that the email will be included as correspondence.
  4. If physically mailing, be sure to put “ATTN: Correspondence” on the package. If you do not include the word, there is no guarantee that the letter will be included as correspondence.
  5. Board Meeting Dates can be subject to change, but are generally adhered to and can be found listed on all Board Agendas. Correspondence must be submitted prior to the publish date of the Board Agenda to be considered for the upcoming meeting being agendized. The Board Agenda is published more than 10 days prior to the meeting date, and can be found under “Agenda items” on this website.
  6. Late Correspondence is defined as correspondence received after the publish date of the Board Agenda but before the Board meeting date. There is never a guarantee that Late Correspondence will be included in the very next Board meeting, and submitting correspondence late is not recommended as a general practice. Best efforts will be made to include Late Correspondence, but otherwise it will be agendized for the subsequent Board meeting.

If you do not need to include attachments to your correspondence, you may use the online form below to submit your message directly to our correspondence email address. Thank you again for your interest!

Submit Your Correspondence

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